Instructions to Authors

please use following link: PRESENTER INSTRUCTIONS

Who to ask

ECS Staff members can easily be picked out of a crowd. Look for our signature polos with the ECS logo or a nametag with a “Staff” ribbon. We are always happy to take a moment and answer your questions or listen to feedback. Have a specific question or concern you’d like to discuss in advance? Contact

Dress Code

The attire for the conference is business casual. Session rooms can get chilly so we highly recommend you dress in layers. Given the amount of ground you are sure to cover, we recommend comfortable walking shoes.

Montreal’s weather is mild in May, the average temperature ranges from a minimum of 8 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 19 degrees Celsius. Check out the forecast to plan accordingly.

What to bring
  • Business cards – with ample time to network you will want to have plenty of cards ready to distribute.
  • Day bag: between early sessions and evening poster receptions, meeting days are long. Bring a backpack or briefcase to carry any items you need with you as there will not be very many opportunities to go back to your hotel room throughout the day.
  • A reusable water bottle and coffee mug – go green!
  • A notebook & pen – it may sound obvious but you want to make sure you have these on hand at all times.
ADA Accessibility

Special accommodations for those attendees living with a disability will be handled on an individual basis. Contact the ECS headquarters at, immediately if you will need assistance.

Permissions Granted to ECS

ECS reserves the right to electronically record any or all meeting-related events. By registering for and/or attending an ECS meeting you are granting ECS permission to use any recording or photography made of you at any meeting event or anywhere within the meeting venue.

Speaker Indemnification

The ideas and opinions expressed in the technical sessions, conferences, and any handout materials provided are those of the presenter. They are not those of ECS, nor can any endorsement by ECS be claimed.

Photography and Recording

Is not permitted in technical sessions.
By attending the IMCS meeting, you agree that you will not record any technical session activity, without the express written consent from ECS. If you violate this policy you will be removed from the meeting and your registration will be revoked without the possibility of a refund.